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It's simple.

PipeDreamPutting Training Aid (patent pending) helps you make a straight-back, straight-through putting stroke. The half pipe shape allows it to balance firmly on the ground, while the smooth top gives the ball a track to follow. 

It's easily storable and can be used both inside and outside. Consistent use of this affordable and effective device will allow you to finally achieve your goals in the game of golf!

How do I use it?

1) On a flat surface, point the training aid towards a target (such as a hole on a putting green).

2) Place the ball on the track of the training aid, and make sure the putter head follows the track as you make your stroke.

3) Verify that the ball rolls through the track completely and towards the target of your choice, as this will prove that your stroke is on the correct path. 


4) Repeat and practice all the steps to start seeing your putts roll in on the course!

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